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Hudson Surface Technology develops and sells cost-effective, high-performance tools for MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization - Time of Flight) Mass Spectrometry and proteomics. Get better results, in less time, at less cost and greater convenience with HST products.

Sample Plates

Sample PlateSave time and money with economical (disposable/single use), high sensitivity and reproducibility MALDI targets from HST.  Do more sophisticated experiments with greater ease using high spot-density arrays, conductive slide glass, and surface functionalized targets.   


µMatrix Spotter  Image Prep SystemImaging Prep System:  The µMatrix Spotter  MALDI Imaging Prep system is a a revolutionary new tool for matrix deposition in imaging MALDI experiments.  With the µMatrix Spotter system you get faster, more uniform, and less expensive matrix deposition for your imaging experiments.

MW Digestion SystemMicrowave Digestion System:   HST Rapid Enzyme Digestion System is designed for mass-spectrometry and proteomics. This instrument is tailored to processing large numbers of small samples efficiently.  High capacity, adjustable power with temperature control optimizes digestion, throughput and productivity.

Functional Magnetic Beads

Magnetic BeadsThese magnetic beads are specifically designed for applications in the separation and purification of proteins, DNA, and other cellular/biological components.  Functionalized with SiO2, TiO2, carboxylic acid, amine, EDTA, and boronic acid functional groups.  


AccessoriesStorage boxes, frames and mounts for use with Hudson Surface Technology Sample plates and magnetic beads.   


μFocus - AB - 12x12 wells - 10pk
μFocus - AB Sciex - 12x12 wells - 10pk

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μFocus - AB - 8x8 Circles - 10pk
μFocus - AB Sciex - 8x8 Circles - 10pk

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Height Adjuster - ABI - 44 x 44 mm

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