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HST works in the development, sale and production of cost-effective, creation of high-performance tools for MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization - Time of Flight) Mass Spectrometry. HST was created by experts in proteomics, MALDI-TOF MS, and low-cost surface treatment and fabrication with a view toward simplifying and improving tools for MALDI-TOF MS and proteomics.  To this end, we have developed low-cost, single use (disposable/archivable) sample plates (targets) for MALDI, along with a range of related products to increase user productivity:

  • µFocus plates to boost productivity and sensitivity while lowering operational costs.These cost-effective, high performance plates give compact, reproducible sample/matrix deposits that improve s/n, while eliminating target cleaning and ghosting.
  • µArray plates for high-throughput (HTP) and imaging experiments.
  • Pre-spotted µFocus and µArray plates (Select, DHB, HCCA or "no matrix" when ordering µFocus or µArray plates) to save time in sample preparation.
  • ITO Glass slides to allow MALDI and optical imaging of the same sample.
  • Glyco-Affi MALDI plates for easy, selective surface-binding and MALDI analysis.
  • MALDI imaging prep systems
  • Microwave digestion systems

HST accomplishes and keeps products cost-effective, via unique surface treatment technology that leverages standard photo-lithography techniques and low-cost manufacturing infrastructure for semiconductor fabrication.  

Customer Value

HST helps scientists do more with less.  Leverage HST technology to identify molecules at lower levels, conduct high throughput work, save time & improve reproducibility with pre-spotted plates, run more experiments, achieve faster, more precise matrix deposition for imaging (at low cost), digest samples in less time, conduct LDI experiments, and use visual and MALDI imaging on the same sample.

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