HST is developing and selling tools for MALDI-TOF MS and proteomics research. In the near term, we are working to create value by increasing the productivity of life-science R&D: we supply cost-effective, high-performance tools that let researchers get more done within existing budgets, in less time, and to do more sophisticated experiments than would otherwise be possible.  

Underlying this near-term commercial mission are our long term goal and mission:

  • Improve health and extend life by making it possible to detect and prevent disease by identifying and measuring important bio-molecules; and... 
  • Employ surface science and instrumentation technology to develop, manufacture and sell cost-effective high-performance tools for MALDI-TOF that enable powerful, affordable screening and early-detection health care testing.  





Customer Value

HST helps scientists do more with less.  Leverage HST technology to identify molecules at lower levels, conduct high throughput work, save time & improve reproducibility with pre-spotted plates, run more experiments, achieve faster, more precise matrix deposition for imaging (at low cost), digest samples in less time, conduct LDI experiments, and use visual and MALDI imaging on the same sample.

Technical information:

Find "how to" documentation and other valuable resources in our reference library.

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