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Hudson Surface Technology μFocus MALDI sample plates are high-performance tools for research - in proteomics and other life-sciences, as well as in polymer science - that relies upon MALDI-TOF MS for characterization of macromolecules. They are designed and manufactured by proteomics and MS scientists for use in macromolecular research.  This technical guide (note - 4 MB file) describes μFocus plate technology, performance and use in detail.

Users who are new to μFocus technology: Before you try μFocus sample plates, be sure to review the protocols section in our μFocus technical guide (note - 4 MB file). Because smaller μFocus spots yield a smaller matrix deposit than you see with standard plates, you should reduce your sample droplet size (less is required), and scale back your matrix amount (smaller spot = reduced matrix). If you want to use μFocus plates like standard plates, work with the larger spot sizes (1700-2000 μm and up).

If you are interested in some of our technical posters from past conferences, explaining the technology behind μFocus sample plates, and illustrating practical applications, click on the link below to view and download our online library of technical materials.


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Customer Value

HST helps scientists do more with less.  Leverage HST technology to identify molecules at lower levels, conduct high throughput work, save time & improve reproducibility with pre-spotted plates, run more experiments, achieve faster, more precise matrix deposition for imaging (at low cost), digest samples in less time, conduct LDI experiments, and use visual and MALDI imaging on the same sample.

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