Targeting Files for use with AB Explorer Software

On this page HST makes available files for laser targeting of HST sample plates with Explorer Software for Voyager/4700 (44 mm square) sample plates to fit Opti-TOF(r) holders.

For HST targets in Voyager and 4700 instruments (right click and select "save target as"):

After you download the μFocus MALDI plate file to the mass spectrometer computer, using 4700 or 4800 series Explorer operating software:

  1. Open [File] in the task Toolbar. 
  2. Select [XML Database Import]. 
  3. Import XML File. 
  4. Repeat for each XML File.

If you are using 44 mm x 44 mm sample plates in a 4800 series instrument, use these files:


Click on the link below to download the resources.

Download the Resources

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Customer Value

HST helps scientists do more with less.  Leverage HST technology to identify molecules at lower levels, conduct high throughput work, save time & improve reproducibility with pre-spotted plates, run more experiments, achieve faster, more precise matrix deposition for imaging (at low cost), digest samples in less time, conduct LDI experiments, and use visual and MALDI imaging on the same sample.

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