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HST is built around the idea of using advanced surface science and manufacturing technology to make life-science research more productive, and to ultimately enable and support diagnostic testing based on MALDI and related proteomics technologies.

Our Chief Science Officer -- the driving force behind our technology -- has worked in proteomics and mass spectrometry for more than twenty years, and understands the needs of life-scientists working with proteins and mass spectrometry.  You want to

  • Detect molecules at low levels
  • Do more experiments at one time
  • Work on analysis, not plate spotting or cleaning
  • Do advanced work (affinity, HTP) without having to master new techniques
  • Get better imaging results and
  • Shorten sample preparation time.

HST's technology & products let you do these things.  

We created these products because we know you value them.  We do it with advanced surface technology that lets us uniquely prepare the surfaces you need on inexpensive thin stainless steel substrates.  We leverage semiconductor manufacturing technology to keep the products cost-effective.  To learn more, check out our Resource Library.

Customer Value

HST helps scientists do more with less.  Leverage HST technology to identify molecules at lower levels, conduct high throughput work, save time & improve reproducibility with pre-spotted plates, run more experiments, achieve faster, more precise matrix deposition for imaging (at low cost), digest samples in less time, conduct LDI experiments, and use visual and MALDI imaging on the same sample.

Technical information:

Find "how to" documentation and other valuable resources in our reference library.

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